About Us


Meade County Bank is proud to be a locally-owned hometown bank. We are dedicated to not only meeting but exceeding your customer service expectations of quality customer service.

This bank and every director, officer and employee is a part of this community. We live, shop and belong to the same organizations as you. We know our customers on a first name basis and can better understand your individual needs.

Whether you need a loan or are looking for a safe place to put your money, Meade County Bank is the right bank for you!




We are the proud sponsor of Tidal Wave Bank, a student operated class at the Meade County High School. The bank was built by Meade County Bank in September of 2000 and is located in the high school cafeteria with a branch in the Freshman Academy. It provides the student body and faculty of the high school the following services: savings accounts, snack shack loans, small personal loans and check cashing. The bank class is instructed by Mrs. Kelly Wilson. The profit generated from the bank is used to fund an annual scholarship for Tidal Wave Bank students.