Fee Schedule

Online Services
Online Banking FREE
Online Bill Payment FREE
ATM and MasterMoney Debit Card transactions
Meade County Bank ATM transactions and affiliates FREE
All other machines ATM transactions

(The owner of the ATM at which a transaction is conducted may assess an additional surcharge. There will NOT be a fee for transactions conducted at River City Bank, First State Bank, West Point Bank, or Bank of Clarkson ATM machines.)

International ATM/Debit Card Transactions 1%(of the transaction)
ATM/Debit Card Replacement fee $5.00
Check Printing Fee
Depends on style of check ordered  
Temporary Checks (24 per pack) $12.00
Overdraft Charge & Return Item Charge (per item)
Regular, NOW, Super NOW & Money Market $24.00
FREEdom Checking $26.00

An overdraft may be created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal or any other electronic means. Transactions may not be processed in the order in which they occurred, and that the order in which transactions are received by the institution and processed can affect the total amount of overdraft fees incurred by the consumer. Any fee charged to the account counts toward the total amount of the overdraft limit established by the Bank.

Daily Overdraft Charge- if your account is overdrawn for 4 or more consecutive business days, an additional charge per day.

Regular, NOW, Super NOW & Money Market $5.00
FREEdom Checking NONE
Returned Check Chargeback Fee (per item) $15.00
Stop Payment Request (each stop payment) $20.00
Telephone Transfer Fee (per item)  $2.00
Account Record Research Fees
Check Image Copies (per item) $2.00
Duplicate Statement** (per statement) $5.00
**Plus research charge, per hour-one hour minimum (per statement) $15.00
Dormant Checking Account Fee* $10.00

(No credit or debit activity for a period of 180 days and the account has a balance of $200 or less.)

Safety Deposit Box (annually)
Large (5" X 10") $30.00
Medium (3" X 10" and 5" X 5") $24.00
Small (3" X 5") $20.00

**Contents not insured by the FDIC or this institution

Lost safety deposit box key - one (1) key $25.00
Drill and replace lock on safety deposit box $50.00
Outgoing Wire Transfer - Customers Only
Domestic $20.00
International $50.00
Attachments, Garnishments & Levies (each occurrence) $50.00
Cashier's Check - Customers Only
Cashier's Check $2.00
Money Orders: $1000 or less
- Customers – each money order $1.00
- Non-Customers – each money order $1.00
Check Cashing Fee
Checking Account - Customers Only FREE
Non-Checking Account Customers $15.00
Other Fees - Customers Only
Zipper Bags and/or Lock Bags for businesses (limit one) FREE
Notary Service FREE
Last updated on Sep 30, 2014

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